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NEW ERROR REPORT format for Adopt An Animal Canada

Please read these notes before submitting.


Due to massive spamming that has clogged up the submission form we have discontinued the automatic submission. However, it is still easy to submit the form by simply:

  1. selecting the entire form (right clicking on "Copy" from "Your Name" right down to "Detailed Description") with your mouse,
  2. copying it and then placing it in your favourite mail program.
  3. From there, you can fill in the fields and mail it to:
  4. We thank you for your patience and hope this will help the right people get their mail in.

      Please read this before filling out an error report.

      You will save us a lot of time and engery if you do.. and we thank you for that!

      Although we make every effort to ensure that all information is up to date and accurate, if you encounter an error while searching, please let us know!

      We access the resources on our database via Postal Code and/or Province.

      So please, be as complete as possible or we won't be able to find and update the resource..

      If you have not received verification that your update has been made within 4 days, please email directly to:

      Please select a topic for the Subject Header: i.e. "Correction/Update to Listing", "Correction/Update to Listing", "Technical Problem"
      Your name:
      Your email:
      Resource Postal Code:
      Full Name of the Resource:
      Detailed Description:

      NOTE:We only request your name and email address in case we need clarification. You will not be added to any mailing lists. Your messages and emails are deleted immediately after the correction has been made.

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