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Please note: these resources are intended to enrich and educate us in providing a successful, healthy life for our adopted family members.
It is our responsibility to learn as much as we can before bringing an animal into our home--THEIR LIVES DEPEND ON US.
The "Pet Industry" is a multi-billion dollar venture in Canada and questioning corporate marketing agendas and protocols is crucial. Keeping an open mind, the more we question, research and explore, the better.
We hope you find these links valuable in your quest. But, it is only a place to start.

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Animal Behaviour

Feline Behaviour
Help getting to know how and why cats behave the way they do and some assistance familiarlizing yourself to help with his or her new home environment

Suggested Reading List: Canine
A small sampling of the kinds of books available to help with your new adoption and some of the issues that affect ALL dogs in being successfully socialized in your household.

Doggone Safe: A non-profit organization dedicated to Dog Bite Prevention
Despite 12,000 years of living with dogs, they remain largely misunderstood by humans. When a dog bites we interpret this in human terms. In most cases the bite is a normal dog behavior. The dog that bites is not necessarily a mean dog or a bad dog - he is just a dog. To prevent dog bites we need to understand what motivates the dog to bite and reduce risk through modification of both human and dog behavior.

"The Dog Whisperer" - Steven Fryer
Recognizing that our relationships are complex, we need to learn to "live in harmony" with our canine friends in a positive, encouraging way.

Guide to Selecting a Behavior Consultant
Although the information on this site is excellent in helping a new, rescue dog cope with his or her new home, we do not have first-hand experience with the product being sold

How Dogs Think
A non-verbal link to canine communication is crucial to a successful, harmonious relationship in your household

Reach Out to Horses
Through this hands-on approach, you will gain insight and understanding into the mind of the horse, thus helping to create a trust based partnership. Anna Twinney is taking natural horsemanship to another level incorporating body language, energy work and different healing modalities.

The Emotional Life of Parrots
For those adopting our feathered friends, this is a good rescource for their care and health

Human Loss & Bereavement Agnes Turnbull once said "Dogs' lives are too short--their only fault really."
This is one of the most difficult aspects of our relationship with our animal friends and family. More often than not, we will outlive them. This can be devastating. When we experience such a loss it is important to recognize that the magnitude of our grief is real. There are many wonderful, compassionate people who understand this and can assist in helping us through these terrible times of heartache.

Health & Nutrition

The original "Wellness" discussion group complimented with and extensive resource-guide web site. Many now-famous experts founded and were/are active on this board. Many have gone to featured lecture tours, wellness guides and books and other, more issue and species-specific discussion groups

Canine Vaccine Survey
It is well known that there are risks associated with vaccination of dogs, just as there are risks for humans. The trouble is, no one has adequately quantified the risks. Is it true that only a tiny minority of dogs suffer adverse reactions to vaccines, or is the problem more common? And what is a vaccine reaction? Is it something that happens immediately after the jab, or can you expect a reaction to manifest weeks or months later?

Shirley's Wellness Cafe
An extensive holistice resource site. Began in the mid '90's, it still stands up as one of the best.

Animal Protection Institute- What's really in pet food
A 'must read' for anyone who cares and has ever wondered what is in the commercial food being sold in grocery stores, chains and other less discriminating retail outlets.
Heavy reading but if we care for you loved ones, we should know what we are forcing them to eat and where it came from!

Ontario Rabbit Education Organization
This is the premiere rabbit education site. Fast becoming valued members our households, well socialized, adopted rabbits have special needs in nutrition, exersize and health that can easily to be attended to.
If you are considering an adopted rabbit, please explore the educational resources available.
As with other species, NEVER BUY A RABBIT FROM A PET STORE or commercial source --most especially as holiday gifts!

Tricia's Chinese water dragon, Reptile and Amphibian Care page
This site is well known for it's Chinese water dragon care information, however, this site has care information about many different reptiles and amphibians, including iguanas, chameleons, various turtles and tortoises, frogs, toads and snakes. Please explore the site and check out the care sheets for the animals you are interested in. There are also quite a few health care articles on this site- MBD, Parasites, dehydration, common ailments.

Home Vet Natural Pet Care
For those who live in areas where no holistic or complimentary vet is available, this site may help in your time of need to get a second opinion to a health-related issue.



- Enriching Our Relationship With Our Animals through lifestyle choices

Pet-Friendly Lodging In Canada
No longer is it necessary to 'kennel' your best friend when YOU are on holiday. More and more, resorts are welcoming your ENTIRE family while enjoying holiday.
This is a Canada-wide resource guide to establishments who, not only welcome your furry members, but some have activities specifically designed for their holiday enjoyment as well.

(still in development..suggestions welcome!)


Canadian Magazines

with valuable articles you can find at newsstands, vet's offices, quality supply stores and various other places. Often back issues have valuable articles on current topics of health you may want to collect as resource material.

Animal Wellness
Animal Wellness Magazine

Pets Quarterly
Pets Quarterly Magazine

City Dog
City Dog Magazine

Modern Dog
Modern Dog Magazine


Pets & Animals
Pets & Animals Magazine

Dogs In Canada
Dogs In Canada


Behaviour | Health & Nutrition | Lifestyle | Magazines

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