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Animal Advocacy Links

Sites engaged in social or legal action relating to the issue:

La Société Québécoise de Défense des Animaux is a group that promotes laws and education with regards to animal welfare. They network with many shelters in Quebec and in other provinces.

The Pit Bull "problem"--whose is it?
A graphic *must see* for everyone who is ambivelant about Ontario's new Breed Specific Legislation and who *really* needs to be criminalized!

Project Jessie
A rescue network for lost, stray and abandoned cats and dogs in pounds where they are vulnerable to being sold for research.

Action Against Puppymills
A group of people (and their dogs!) who are dedicated to spreading the word about puppy mills and their connection to pet stores.

No Puppymills Canada
A site presented by a group of volunteers trying to stop pet overpopulation in Canada. Each year millions of companion animals are destroyed through euthanasia due to the greed of commercial puppy mills and the ignorance of Back Yard Breeders. New laws, public awareness & compassion will end the suffering of the voiceless.

Unchain Your Dog
Dogs can live on just food and water. But to be happy, dogs need exercise and daily love and attention from their guardian.

Save Our Strays
The mission of the Center is to promote an optimal environment for humans and companion animals in our society.

Books of Note:

Improving the lives of the animals in our lives; focusing on our relationship and responsibility to their health and well-being.

All for Animals:
Tips and Inspiration for Living a More Compassionate Life

General Canadian Animal Advocacy Sites:

World Society for the Protection of Animals - Canada (WSPA)

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS)

Animal Alliance of Canada

International Fund for Animal Welfare - Canada (IFAW)

Zoocheck Canada

Toronto Coalition for Anticruelty Legislation

Animal Advocates Society of British Columbia

Jane Goodall Institute

Sierra Legal Defence Fund

Wolves Ontario

Clan des loups d'Amerique du Nord

International Animal Advocacy Links
An International database on animal abusers

Animal Protection Institute


AIM - Reality Training

World Animal Net

Animals Voice

Links to Community Sites

The Directory. Toronto GTA sites, including town links, real estate, accommodations, photos, genealogy, shopping, business, tourism, classifieds.

I Like Dogs - Online resources for dogs!

Success Stories

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