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Articles & MultiMedia in dealing with the issue:

Thinking of a Senior Dog?
If you are thinking of adopting a senior dog, the following material may be helpful in making your decision.

  • A Living Love ....
  • Considering Adopting a Senior Dog?
  • Thoughts on Caring For Senior Dogs
  • Top Ten Reasons to Seek Veterinary Advice
  • If YOU Are In An Emergency ...
  • Considering a Puppy?

Developing a Community Safety Net - Save our Strays
Save Our Strays is an information service organization dedicated to improving the relationship between domestic pets and society through education. We act as a worldwide clearinghouse for information about humane issues and work to promote the human/animal bond. We provide educational materials that promote organizational and personal learning. Our goal is to increase knowledge and understanding of animal issues so that communities can develop effective safety nets that protect animals from societal and institutional abuse

It's Meow or Never - It's Meow or Never Animal Sanctuary
This is an extremely moving and life-affirming movie made for the people of the "It's Meow or Never Sanctuary" in Miami and linked here with permission. Well worth the watch!

Shelter Dogs
Filmed over two years, SHELTER DOGS is an intimate look at the ethical life-and-death decisions made at Sue Sternberg's animal shelter in upstate New York.

Back Yard Breeders - No Puppymills Canada
With fully 67% of all the dogs euthanized coming from Back Yard Breeders this article is a 'must read' for those who think that only Pet Stores are the culprits here. Your next door neighbour who 'just wants to let her have a litter' is equally to blame.

Dear Backyard Breeder
Although this is from the Dalmation page, it could be addressed to any back yard breeder. We focus on this group of breeders because it is important to understand where the majority of unwanted animals are coming from -- cats, dogs, and other species as well.

Fate of a Shelter dog or /cat - Atlanta Animal Shelter
Just in case you don't think about what happens to animals whose guardian cannot be found, have a look a what *could* happen to your loved one if they are picked up without identification. This is a reality one must face. Life on the streets if fraught with much more lengthy peril. Microchipping even apartment dwellers cannot be emphasized strongly enough.

Virtual Breeding - Jane M Johnson
This is an amazing journey down the path to back yard breeding. Have a close look here before you consider allowing your animal to become pregnant. A must see!

What is Pound Seizure - Project Jessie Animal Alliance of Canada
Project Jessie purchases animals bound for pound seizure. For $50 you can purchase a coupon and release, for adoption, a dog or cat from the horrors of an animal testing faciity. These certificates make wonderful gifts -- most especially to those who have recently lost an best friend. Or, they make great gifts for other occasions as well for children etc. Knowing your $50 saved a life from torture is extremely gratifying. Equally, poignant is the receipt of one of these gifts following the loss of a loved one. It is one of the most powerful ways to make their passing less painful.

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