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NEW Submission format to add new resource to
Adopt An Animal Canada

Please read these notes before submitting.


Due to massive spamming that has clogged up the submission form we have discontinued the automatic submission. However, it is still easy to submit the form by simply:

  1. selecting the entire form (right clicking on "Copy" from "Name" right down to "Comments") with your mouse,
  2. copying it and then placing it in your favourite mail program.
  3. From there, you can fill in the fields and mail it to:
  4. We thank you for your patience and hope this will help the right people get their mail in.

    1. All fields marked with an asterisk are required.
    2. Your name and personal email address is required so that we may contact you directly for issues relating clarificating of your submission. We do NOT have a mailing list or do we even keep one. However, if you submit an incomplete resource it causes us hours of extra work trying to complete the necessary data.
    3. Pounds and shelters: provide an exact physical location so that we can link you to "Map it".
    4. Rescues: we only publish the city or municipality, but we still need the general postal code to be located in by the search engine.
    5. If you use an online service for posting the images of your adoptable animals, such as "Petfinder" either soley or in addition to your resource home page, please provide the specific URL for your organization. We will include a direct link to your available animals in on our site.
    6. If you post them on your own web page, please submit the exact link in the same box.

    If you do not have a web site, we will list whatever information you provide us with.

    However, we highly recommend acquiring an account with an online resource for posting images of your animals. (Some will provide a digital camera with your account.)

    It has been proven, beyond a doubt, that animals whose images are posted have a vastly improved chance of being adopted over those who aren't. Unfortunately, it is beyond the scope of this project to post individual images. But we will gladly link to the URL where they are posted.

    Please email directly to:

    Your Name*:
    Your Email*:
    Resource Name*:
    Resource Phone #:
    Resource Email:
    Resource Type*(shelter,rescue,sanctuary):
    Species available*:
    Resource Website:
    Location of Adoption Images:
    Street Address:(shelters required)
    Mailing address (e.g. P.O.Box):
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