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The major difference between our database and other animal adoption databases are:

  1. It costs nothing to be listed, no forms or applications are necessary. We acquired the current data by research done by dedicated individuals across Canada whose primary concern was to list as many agencies and facilities as possible where adoptable animals are available.

  2. No attempt to get authorization, permission or fee was made to be listed here. This is because we hope, in some way, to bring to the public's attention to facilities in municipalities with little or no funding and to home the adoptable animals in their care. In some cases, agencies/contractors have no incentive to promote adoption over euthanization when the 72 hour limit for holding them is met.

It is a sad fact that some facilities are so poorly funded, or attended to, that they fall below what is humanely acceptable for animals housing and care. Because of lack of attention and funding they offer virtually no real possibility of adoption over euthanasia even though they have an adoption mandate in place. Without complaints, local agencies have no authority to gain access to private facilities unless they receive a complaint. We hope that these situations can be brought to public attention and 'just cause' can be obtained for the local animal protection agencies to investigate them. With that in mind, we need to stipulate that:

  1. We are not responsible for the quality of care or the policies of the individual organizations listed. Our main goal is to get animals adopted and raise public awareness regarding how some local municipalities deal with homeless animals.

  2. We do not take a stand on, nor identify, kill vs. no-kill facilities as this could unfairly disadvantage animals in facilities whose policies they cannot possibly be held responsible for. We want to give a level playing field to all.

  3. We do not vouch for the care provided in any organization/facility. If you discover that a facility does NOT meet standards of adequate care it is our hope you will report them to your local animal protection agency. In fact, we encourage it.

    This is one of the reasons we do NOT require permission from the agencies to be listed. Some may prefer not to have the attention and profile this database will afford the animals in their care. We can only hope to give voice to those unfortunate animals.

  4. The exception is the listing of sanctuaries, where the animals do not leave the premises but are 'virtually' adopted and money is being requested for their continued care. These organizations/facilities are specially screened to determine their integrity as care givers and non-profit animal care facilities and that they are NOT zoos in disguise.

NOTE: If you find any one of the following on our database, please let us know immediately and we will investigate and possibly remove them. Rescues and shelters will be removed it they they are:

  1. Selling and breeding of rescued animals: those who breed and sell these animals are prohibited from being on our database. Breed rescues must have a *real* adoption program in place and not just claim that they rescue and adopt.

  2. Hoarding or collecting: since our primary goal is adoption, those who do not make an effort to find homes for the animals in their care (with the exception of sanctuaries)cannot be listed. Any group/individual who "collects" or "hoards" is prohibited for being listed.

  3. Sanctuaries must provide just that, sanctuary. These are particularly difficult to monitor. Animals in these facilities must not be presented or housed so as to allow public viewing opportunities that is an intrusion or limitation upon their natural lives and habitat. Their environment must be condusive to their well-being and not 'showcased' for public interest and curiosity or unnaturally forced to be involved in human entertainment and/or contact.

IMPORTANT: If there are any entries in this database that contravene these conditions we hope that you will bring it to our attention because they are in direct violation of our mission statement mandate. We do not want to, inadvertently, promote any of these activities. However, the database is so huge and so facilities are so remote that we cannot possibly guard guarantee that these infringements included. Anonymity will be provided and an investigation will be made.

Soon, we will have a legal action section that helps individuals embark on a course of action by lodging complaints, reporting to the media and insisting their municipalities improve the way they deal with the animals in their care. We cannot identify which facilities or organizations do not meet minimal standards of humane care for a variety of reasons or which have inadequate programs for adoption. We can only make ALL POSSIBLE adoptable animal facilities/organizations accessible from our database in the hopes that they are exposed, reported and action taken to rectify the situation. It is up to the public to take action where needed. We hope that you will.

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