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Adoption has become the preferred way to find that special member of your family because the advantages make it a win-win situation for all concerned. Volunteers located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal have been scouring the net and burning up the telephone lines amassing information on every facility, coast to coast, wherever adoptable animals can be found.

Like*, Adopt an Animal Canada puts all of the resources under one roof and like LifeMates Online*, adopters have one-on-one, personal contact with the individuals and agencies who know the animals best. As a result, this resource can help find the perfect companion for your lifestyle and personal situation. We are "matchmakers" for animals.

Celebrities are sporting their shelter dogs on television talk shows. Two shelter dogs even won the Superdog Championships a 'reality-based' television program in February that tested the intelligence, bond and spirit of the contenders. The program highlighted the fact that the winners were not expensive purebreds from "winning" lines, thus debunking the myth that animals from shelters are cast offs and second-class choices.

Adopt an Animal Canada profiles breed rescues too. Many breed clubs have a rescue group associated with them. Everything from "Danes in Distress", "Chihuahua Rescue" and "Circle of Friends Greyhound Rescue" lets the prospective adopter choose from dozens of popular breeds.

But Adopt An Animal Canada doesn't stop there. You can search for rabbits, pigs, reptiles and horses you can even "virtually adopt" a chimp retired from pharmaceutical testing facilities in a primate sanctuary in Quebec.

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